Jason White

Good morning,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know what a fine job at your store on a consistent basis.  As I myself am part of the customer service industry I understand that communication on a job well done is just as important -if not more so- than a customer complaint.  I purchased my bike back in November of 2011, and Adam was incredibly attentive and helpful in making my decision.  Since then he has been my bike mechanic and has helped me out with all of my general maintenance issues, and accessory help.  He is always able to make my bike ride like new even after I do something stupid to it.  Every time I walk into their store, I feel like I am treated like an important customer, and quite a few of the other employees know me by name.  I love the community feel, and I hope you are part of the pelotonbikeforsale.com community for at least as long as I am able to ride a bike = )  Keep up the good work!

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