Mavic Crossmax SLS 29 Boost wheels – Black

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The MAvic Crossmax SL S is a lightweight alloy wheel that does it all. Engineered with a specific rim profile that combines a 25mm internal width and the patented ISM4D technology, these wheels can boost the performance of your bike with a price that’s accessible compared to carbon wheel options. The ISM4D process machines the rim in the areas with less stress to reduce weight without compromising strength. The rim also features the Black Shield technology, which protects it against scratches and dents so you can charge hard through rock gardens and rough singletrack. The rims are made with the patented Fore technology with a fully sealed upper rim bridge that eliminates the need for rim tape. This saves 30 grams per wheel, not to mention the hassles associated with tape when setting up tubeless tires.

  • low inertia for instant acceleration.
  • 25mm internal width.
  • 6 bolts.
  • Infinity hub with QRM Auto bearing preload technology.
  • UST Tubeless.
  • Black Shield rim protection.
  • Optimized for Tires from 2.1″ to 2.3″.
  • Instant Drive 360 freewheel for quick engagement.

8 reviews for Mavic Crossmax SLS 29 Boost wheels – Black

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