Fox 34 FLOAT Factory 120 Kashima 29 SC FIT4 fork – Orange

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The Fox 34 Step-Cast fork is designed to deliver uncompromising performance in XC racing with the highest level of tuning, frame stiffness and strength. The factory says it all: packed with features and designed to exceed the needs of pilots. Factory series products have an extra-smooth and extremely durable Kashima coating. The patented FIT4 remote damping system offers two damping positions to adapt to different track conditions (open & amp; firm). The Factory Series forks feature a 22-click low-speed compression adjustment in open mode, allowing the rider to fine-tune the damping. In addition, the low speed rebound damping (10 clicks) can be adjusted. The lightweight FLOAT air suspension system automatically balances the positive and negative air chambers for increased feel and traction regardless of the air pressure setting. Pilots can fine-tune the characteristics of the positive air spring by using volume spacers. Using a shorter mast saves weight and creates a lightweight overall system. As the fork is compressed, the volume of air in the lower legs decreases, increasing the air pressure. The more the fork is compressed, the more the pressure increases. This effect can have the undesirable consequence of not being able to reach full suspension travel. The channels for the lower legs help solve this problem by dramatically increasing the volume of air in the lower legs, thus reducing the further, involuntary increase in pressure. The stiffness to weight ratio is the ultimate metric for bicycle design. Engineers invest countless hours in every gram of material to optimize this critical relationship. The FOX 34 works hard, saving every gram and ensuring that the stiffness and strength requirements of modern trail riding are not compromised.

  • Field of application: MTB, Cross Country.
  • Brake type: Disc brake.
  • Wheel size: 28 “(29”) (622mm) (700C).
  • Fork suspension: 120 mm.
  • Axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (front wheel).
  • Air spring / metal: Air spring.
  • Fork / shock absorber adjustment: Air volume, Low Speed ​​pressure level, Remote mechanical pressure level adjustment, Low Speed ​​traction level.
  • Fork tube diameter: 34mm.
  • Suspension: FLOAT EVOL.
  • Shock-absorbing action: FIT4 Remote.
  • Fork offset: 44mm.
  • Head tube Ø: 1 1/8 “-1 1/2” tapered.
  • Disc brake mount: Postmount.
  • Max. Ø brake disc: 203mm.
  • Color: Orange.

8 reviews for Fox 34 FLOAT Factory 120 Kashima 29 SC FIT4 fork – Orange

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