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  • The Fit Bike Series One 2021 BMX Bike is made for BMX freestyle beginners and because of the all round geometry is ideal to try out in almost every BMX discipline like street, park and dirt. The Fit Bike Series One 2020 BMX Bike offers 4130 CrMo tubes (top and down tube) and 3-piece CrMo crank with Mid BB for increased stability.
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  1. FRAME MATERIAL: Cro-Mo Top & Down Tubes
  2. WHEEL SIZE: 20″
  3. TOP TUBE LENGTH: 20.25″
  4. CHAIN STAY LENGTH: 13.11″
  5. HEADTUBE ANGLE: 75.5°
  7. FORKS: 33mm Offset Cro-Mo Steerer Tube
  8. BARS: 2-Piece 8.7”x 29”
  9. STEM: Fit Top Load
  10. HEADSET: A-Headset
  11. BRAKE MOUNTS: Welded
  12. BRAKES: U-Brake
  13. FRONT HUB: Unsealed Hub/Domed Nuts
  14. FRONT RIM: Fit S1W
  15. REAR HUB: Sealed 9T Cassette/Domed Nuts
  16. REAR RIM: Fit S1W
  17. TYRES: Fit OEM 2.4”
  18. SPROCKET: Fit Key 25T
  19. CRANKS: Tubular Cro-Mo 170mm
  20. BB: Sealed Mid
  21. PEDALS: Fit Mack-PC
  22. SEAT: Padded Integrated Combo
  23. GEARING: 25/9



  • Full Size Bike with a Shorter Top Tube and geometry to Suit riders who are 4ft – 5ft 4″ / 120cm -160cm
  • A great all rounder suitable for any type of riding
  • Strong Lightweight Chromoly Top & Down Tubes
  • Sealed Rear Cassette Hub
  • Wider 2.4″ Fit OEM Tyres

36 reviews for FIT SERIES ONE (SM) BMX BIKE 2021

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