Cassette ethirteen Helix R 9-50T 12v clocks – Grey

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Cassette ethirteen Helix R 9-50T 12v clocks, unlike Sram Eagle, the Helix R cassettes have replaceable gear groups. This means that continuous assistance and replacement costs will be less than half of those of the sram boxes. As an additional bonus, Helix R 12S clusters are backwards and can be used to update the existing TRS + 9-50 cassette. When installing the Helix R cassette, as with any cassette, we recommend checking the chain wear. If your chain shows a wear of 0.5% or more, significantly reducing the wear life of your new cassette. The installation of a new chain with your new cluster is a much better and economical solution.

  • Material: 2 toothed aluminum wheels, 10 steel toothed wheels.
  • Range: 9-50T: 556%.
  • Speed: 12 speeds.
  • Steel cluster: 9.11,13,15,17,20,23,27,31,36t.
  • Weight: 240 g.
  • Color: Nickel.
  • Compatible with Sram XD.

Includes Ethirteen clocks Helix R

  • Material: 2 aluminum sprockets.
  • Speed: 12 speeds.
  • Aluminum custer: 42.50t.
  • Color: Grey.

8 reviews for Cassette ethirteen Helix R 9-50T 12v clocks – Grey

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